Poems forthcoming in:

Anomaly, Dialogist, Foundry, Mississippi Review, Salt Hill, Southern Indiana Review, TYPO, & the Grabbed anthology

Cagibi: In the Parking Lot of the Stop & Shop I Concede to the Afterlife

Copper Nickel: Jan. 10 & The Women

Unbroken: Three Craft Talks

Lunch Ticket: The Examination

Juked: from Elsewhere

Boog City: city & body

Streetnotes: Two poems & a photograph

Hobart: Tinker to Evers to Chance

Poets Reading the News: The Fable of the Bees

The Tiny: Beachcombing at 44

Guesthouse: The Women Compensate for the Movements of Man

Glass Poetry: Pushing Distance

Sixth Finch: Poems from Elsewhere, with Zoe Ryder White

Pithead Chapel: Terrible Things


Snow: An Essay & The Day after the Day without a Yesterday

previously published poems re-reprinted by the Academy of American Poets:

The Origin of Birds, Lesson Three, dwelling

Tin House: Burrow & Evenings

The Shallow Ends: True Story w/ Horse

SWWIM: August Still

Construction: July 2, Jan. 15

Entropy: Four True Stories w/ Birds

Poets Reading the News: The Drawer

Plume: Song

Diode: Four poems from Translucence

Academy of American Poets: Marriage

Rise Up Review: Me Too

Across the Margin: Four Poems

The American Journal of Poetry: Recovery

Muzzle: all the good poems these days

SWWIM: Imagining Summer 2467

Scalawag Magazine: from chigger ridge


The Stick & While Commuting I Think of Taxidermy and Desire

YES Poetry: from PRIME

Moonsick Magazine: Atmospheric Re-Entry

Academy of American PoetsThe End of the Pier

STILL Journal: from chigger ridge

as a finalist for the Anthony Hecht Poetry Prize

Rise Up Review:

Message shoved into an empty bottle of Rose
and tossed into the Hudson on a sad summer night



Photo courtesy  Amy Williams

Photo courtesy Amy Williams


Diction (Video)


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